1. Outcome of 30th AGM proceedings
  2. SEBI Order 31.08.2020
  3. Notice of Annual General Meeting of Transgene Biotek Ltd
  4. TrabiORALTM - Phase I
  5. TrabiORALTM - Phase II
  6. TrabiORALTM - Phase III
  7. TrabiORALTM demonstrates excellent bio-availability once again comparable to injected ones on two different molecules of 150-68 kd MW. 
  8. Granting of USA patent “Method for per oral delivery of Insulin and its analogues for therapeutic usage – 8th January 2019
  9. Revocation of order by SEBI relating to GDR issue
  10. Granting of European Patent July 14, 2018 “Pharmaceutical formulations and methods for oral delivery of biologically active ingredients” – This patent is granted covering Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy.
  11. Breakthrough in children’s vaccines by oral delivery of vaccines such as TT and Diphtheria vaccines - TrabiORALTM, Transgene’s oral delivery platform has demonstrated excellent antibody response to Tetanus Toxoid delivered orally.
  12. Granting of USA Patent October 20, 2015 “Adeno-Associated Virus 2/8 Micro RNA – 101 Therapy for Liver cancer”
  13. Letter to BSE August 23, 2017 – relating to “SAT orders”.
  14. July 3, 2017 – Transgene has sold some unused assets of the company, subsequent to shareholders’ approval and cleared the debt owing to Union Bank of India and No Dues Certificate has been received to that effect.
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