We have dedicated R&D facilities to meet the objectives of product innovation and technology development.
We possess extensive manufacturing and R&D infrastructure for carrying out drug development on novel Biotech products, and to cater to the commercial production of our Biogeneric drugs. All our facilities, for Biogenerics and Biotech products, conform to cGMP guidelines for carrying out sterile fermentation operations. Our facilities are designed for the bacterial, mammalian and viral based production inherent in our product development and commercial production activities.

Some of the facilities we currently have include:

Bio-reactor / Fermenter capacities
0.5 – 2 lit shakeflasks
20 lit Fermenter
30 lit Disposable bioreactor
75 lit Fermenter
Downstream facilities
AKTA purifier
Micro-plate reader for carrying out regular ELISA, Fluorescent and Luminescent assays
Ultra and High speed centrifuges
Several chromatography apparatus
Inverted microscopes and spectrophotometers etc.
We have a complete supporting infrastructure, including:
cGMP compliant pilot scale production facilities for recombinant microbial fermentation
Well organized cell banking system
Various cold storage facilities to store at - 80°, - 20°& 4° - 8° Celsius
Pure steam and pure water facilities
Standby power generator
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