One of the keys to this is combining the relatively low-hanging fruit of biogeneric drugs with truly cutting edge technology products. Another focus is to expand our strategic partnerships to enhance our abilities to develop products and get them out to as many patients as possible.


TBL's basic rules for selecting and marketing technologies

We do not undertake fundamental research such as the development of new molecules.
We consider only those technologies where the drugs of interest have already been developed to a basic degree, and proven at least to the extent of in-vitro efficacy. It is considered a bonus when the drugs have been shown positive results even in minimal animal trials.
We do not enter into retail marketing of any product on our own. For marketing, we employ a two pronged strategy:
We partner with leading companies around the world for our cutting edge technologies, either through out-licensing or other forms of collaboration.
We seek strategic alliances for our Biogenerics, to market our products either globally or regionally depending on the product and partner.

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