The Market for TrabiDHA™
Health foods:
The market for DHA enriched foods is large and is significantly expanding in the West. Here in India, this market is set to skyrocket as the rapidly expanding urban population grows ever more conscious of a healthy heart, healthy body and healthy mind. DHA is compatible with many foods and beverages, including breads, cereals, yogurts, cheeses, milks and juices, DHA enriched cereals, and even DHA enriched snacks including biscuits and chocolates.
Baby food / formula:
There have been vast quantities of research praising the role of DHA in babies’ diets and the positive impact it has on the development of the brain, cognitive ability, and advanced hand to eye coordination.
Health Supplements:
Similar to health foods, the market for DHA supplements (in the form of capsules, tablets or liquid gels) is set to take off here in India. Add this to the fact that TrabiDHA™ comes with higher purity and concentration than most other DHA sources (including fish-derived DHA) and it’s easy to understand why TrabiDHA™ is the right choice for you.
Chicken feed:
Arguably one of the most important parts of the regular human diet is the consumption of eggs, which provide a vital source of protein. However, eggs are also extremely rich in cholesterol, which makes eating them a double-edged sword. Research has shown that when DHA is added to chicken feed and fed to laying hens, the DHA content of the egg is dramatically increased, as compared to an egg from chickens fed sources of ALA, such as flaxseed, and the resulting eggs contain much lower quantities of cholesterol, making them doubly healthy. From a commercial perspective this also makes them ‘designer eggs’, which in turn means the ability to add greater margins on sale price.
Animal feed:
Increasingly common in advanced farming industries is the tendency to add DHA to animal feed. In reproductive male animals, this leads to improved sperm production, function and liveability in storage. In sows, this leads to improved piglet development, litter size, suckling behaviour, and health and growth of the piglets. In ruminants, this leads to improved suckling latency, time to stand and embryo survival.
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